Give Presence, not Presents - How I spent the Holidays

So I decided this year to completely avoid any holiday shopping of any kind, and it was awesome.  

The idea of spending time with people instead of spending money on them was cemented in my head by this video by Epiphio Video Studios.


Now, wether you fucks with the Jesus or not, you can't argue with the basic premise here - meaningless gifts are an absurd waste of money and running around to buy them is an absurd waste of time.

So what did I do to share my time instead of spending?

I invited a bunch of friends to my house because I've been hanging out with some of the people in this circle and really enjoying it.  So why would I not want to celebrate that and spend time with them?  I didn't decorate, didn't freak out about cooking or anything.  Just hung out.


Earlier in the week I touched base with program director of Morpheus Youth Project, a music-based non-profit that I volunteer with, about the next phase of our work with youth at Fir Ridge alternative High school.  I got really stoked on the work we've been doing and excited to take it to the next phase.  Again, no unnecessary holiday-themed to-do's, just the same (important) stuff I'd been working on all along.

(Learn more about Morpheus Youth Project here)

On Christmas itself, I made an effort to check in with my parents and have good conversations with them.  I didn't buy any gifts or even make any cards, but I was more present than I can ever remember being at the holidays.


Now, I'm not trying to be smug or judge anyone for christmas shopping, I'm just saying: it's way more fulfilling for me to decide what I value and how I want to spend my time instead of letting advertisers and marketers tell you that you need to be stressed out while spending a bunch of money, which is what THEY value.

Stay safe this new years eve, yall.  Peace!