Teaching Your Friends To Make BEaTS is TIIIIGHT

So I just started teaching my friend Baker about making beats in Logic Pro X.  Me and Baker go way back and he basically put me onto rap freshman year of high school.  We've always had some similar tastes and talked about music a lot, and he's a real creative talented dude with a background in photography and design, so I'm excited for him to make some dope beats.  He also always had an affinity for slow and heavy west coast beats, so it's going to be cool to learn more about how to make those beats along the way.

So for our first session, he came with some source material and an idea of what he wanted:

1) Mondre - MC ILLIN: Baker wanted the tempo and drum pattern of this beat


2) Nipsey Hussle - Hunnit a Show: we wanted to make a bass line that emulated the "glide" of this one (when it quickly slides up from high to low)

I had to go to a youtube to find a tutorial on bass glides, and this one worked pretty well: 

So with me on the boards and Baker directing me, here's what we came up with:

Baker directed me on the drum pattern and bass like I said, and I made the melodies and instruments to fill out the beat.  I think it came out pretty fire if I do say so myself.