Creative Journal for next project(s)

I'm going to start a creative journal here on my blog.  Basically, I'll be sharing my process and what I'm working on, including sound clips and links to inspiration.  My hope is a) that you all will enjoy the beats and snippets I post and gain something from reading about my inspirations, goals and challenges.  Please comment, ask questions, etc., so I can post what you want to read!


To start off today, I went record shopping at Crossroads.  I always find something out there, I'm not really looking for anything in particular most of the time, but lately I've been listening to a lot of Darktime Sunshine and really wanted to make something dream like that.  Most of this Chuck Mangione record I got didn't strike my fancy, but this one joint "Sweet Butterfly" is fire.


 Funnily enough, out of all the useable stuff in it, I just chopped a couple notes out of a bare bassline and grabbed one cord.  I threw my chops over a slow drum break and made a real laid back, hazy joint.  Then I started saying a bunch of retarded shit over the top, some of which was actually keep-able.  I muted most of it for this snippet but you can hear one hook idea I left in.