Endless parade

The other day I heard this song "Endless Parade" by Gov't Mule, which is a 90's southern rock band with members of the Allman Brothers Band.  

This blues jam immediately made me imagine heavier drums and rap over the top, but what really got me was the lyrics.  They talk about someone who finally achieved their dream of being a superstar, only to be swallowed by the "Endless Parade" of showbiz.  I may not be a superstar by any stretch, but almost every line of this song resonated with me.  I've always felt like someone who is intensely aware and compassionate in a world that's just the opposite, and as a result I tend to bristle with hostility and judgement.  "People you can see through like ghosts" reminds me of the people I pass by, caught up in their own identities and struggle to be "someone" instead of being themselves.   But I'm also a narcissist and hypocrite, which is probably what makes lines like "a prima donna with a premonition, feels like he's preaching to the choir" resonate just as much.

I have my own Endless Parade, and Music is my outlet for that feeling.  This song has stuck in my head for a week as a result, and I've been mulling over what I want to write about it.  I may even intro each verse with a line from the OG song.  Here's a skeleton of the beat for now...