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Original Insipration

I was trying to break down my favorite Dark Time Sunshine song "Run," to find out what the chords were and how to mimic the sound, and I had looped up a bar where onry is saying "soak streets as we mingle upon these instrumentals."

produced by Zavala

Process and additional inspiration

I reached over and noodled a little 3 note minor key melody that is typical of me, and it really flipped the way i heard the vocals.  I have been trying to get away from indulging in these simple little minor key melodies that make my beats all sound kind of the same, but I liked it so much that I ran with it.  I ended up turning the vocal sample into a chorus where i started by quoting Onry: "soak streets as we mingle upon these instrumentals," then building off that with "the occurence of brainstorm is not coincidental..."

The combination of the melody/vibe and Onry saying "soak streets" really made me think of a street being rained on, as if the notes were rain drops hitting a puddle and resonating.  The vibe of the melody also has this pretty sort of tension that made me think of a storm mounting and beautiful dark clouds that look like ink mixing with water.   Perhaps that, combined with the fact he says "mingle" upon these instrumentals made me think of various substances mixing, or "mingling," including the scene in Darren Aranofsky's "Pi" where the coffee and cream mix together in a spiral, reminding Max of the presence of the golden spiral everywhere.  Maybe it was this that led me to the eventual concept of the song:  The Brainstorm as the beautiful commingling of forces that won't mix, but push off of each other causing tension -- the things inside my brain that cause me to be so mixed up, but fuel such beautiful art.

from Pi, a Darren Aranofsky film

from Pi, a Darren Aranofsky film

I hope to go back and deconstruct Zavala's beats more and make some stuff with the less-dark, prettier vibe that his beats have, but I'm not mad at this bittersweet classic Gepetto banger either.  Lyrically this song is pretty and fun to perform, though a little disjointed.  I would like to start having a more solid concept in mind before starting to write and come up with a strong narrative through the song.  However, it might be a blessing in disguise, because I'm hatching a plan to do a video to this where each verse is a different scene which is not necessarily chronological or "real."  Stay tuned!

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