Why I'm not saying much on election day.

What is it that bothers me about election day?

It bothers me that people are so willing to wave a flag for some politician who I believe is more beholden to private interests and their own political career than they are to the American people.  I voted for Hillary, only because I want to be able to say I didn’t contribute to Trump winning, but it bothers me when many Hillary supporters bash anyone who doesn’t vote or who votes independent.  I thought about voting independent or not voting this year.  I didn’t, because this is not a good time to start.  If I really want to commit myself to abstaining from electoral politics or to help try to build a viable third party, I should probably start after this election and work hard to educate myself on the best course from here on out.  But for those who have been committed to building a solution outside of two party politics to be criticized and called selfish is bullshit.  I mean, look how easily the rest of us are manipulated: one candidate is so completely unacceptable that we’re excited at the prospect of electing someone who is clearly part of the political establishment and intends to uphold the status quo.

Now here’s where I have to admit what I don’t know.  I don’t know what Hilary Clinton could bring to the table in terms of women’s rights or social justice.  I don’t know if a third party will ever be viable, or how to go about helping to build one that I believe in.  I should know if I really want to comment.  To everyone that has been building their cause for a long time: to the feminists who are ecstatic to have a woman president, to the independent voters and non-voters who are sick of the two party system : Peace Y’all.  I haven’t put that work in, so I can’t judge.

But I don’t believe I’m the only person who only thinks about building an independent party when election rolls around, or who sadly ponders mental health issues and gun control when a rash of school shootings happens.  I try to remember that people are being senselessly killed over their race, oil, or some powerful person’s interests every day, and that no politician is likely to stop that.  But I do get distracted by my capitalistic luxury problems.  So rather than try to shout the loudest when it’s shoutin’ time, and then go back to doing jack shit when the storm calms, I’ll continue to be quiet during election time, and I’ll try to do as much research as I can, and be a person of integrity.  But I won’t feed into the madness, I won’t buy a t-shirt and I won’t bolster the giant media corporations by tuning in to hear a “discussion” manufactured only to keep us predictably bickering.