So a week or so after getting to L.A., I started looking for a coffee gig.  I spent a lot of time re-vamping my resume, going to cafes, trying the coffee, chatting up the barista, getting the hiring managers name, making highly tailored cover letters for my main targets.  I dropped the resumes and cover letters off and looked into Postmates and some other delivery-app services.  I went to the Postmates on-boarding, and was told to wait 5-7 business days for my background check and processing to go through.

So in that week of waiting, I didn’t look for any more jobs because I figured I had a backup plan and maybe one of those coffee spots would call.  Over that week I started to get real anxious and kind of depressed.  I knew I was putting off looking for work, but I was telling myself I had the Postmates gig and that might cover me for now.  Then I just hit a point where I had to admit to myself that Postmates was not going to pay (my contribution to) my bills.  I needed a main gig.  I realized at that moment that I felt so shitty all week because I had been putting off looking for work when I knew deep down I needed to be doing it.

So I finally sit down and locate a bunch more coffee targets, drop a bunch of resumes, and do some online applications and BOOM I get offered an interview, a phone interview and another possible interview.  So amazing!

So I get all geared up for this first interview this morning and drive to Pasadena where it is.  I don’t leave myself any cushion really, which was stupid… because I accidentally take the wrong exit and eat up the 5 minutes of cushion I did have.  Then I get into Pasadena where it’s impossible to park and I call the place right at 10 when my interview is scheduled to tell them that I’m in the neighborhood just looking for parking.  Cool, no problem.  15 minutes later, after trying to park at some weird meter that only takes coins and some weird key thing, I’m still looking for parking.  My phone rings - it’s the hiring manager.  He tells me it’s 15 minutes after the interview time and he’s cancelling my interview because I'm 15 minutes late.  I’m thinking “I don’t know the town and I didn’t know it was going to take 15 minutes to park… plus I called you and let you know what was up” but I couldn’t really say shit, he had made up his mind.

I took it as a lesson in LA: don't show up only 5 minutes before you're supposed to be there.  Show up at least 15 minutes early.  The other two interviews fell through for the time being, but I've continued looking and locked in two interviews next week (FTW!).  But I will say that losing that interview took a major chunk out of my morale -- I've lost jobs in the past over punctuality and I put a lot of work into rectifying that, so it had some extra sting to be dismissed like that.  The real point is that I just wanted to share yet another experience of feeling humbled, humiliated, stressed, anxious, and like-I'm-not-good-enough (but-I'm-going-to-try-to-do-it-anyway), because we all act like we've got this, but most of the time we feel like idiots (at least those of us that are, ahem, sensitive artist types).