Angel's Rest EP Release

Hey all,

Tonight I’m dropping my new project, Angel’s Rest EP as well as a music video for the title song. This is a project that has been on an external hard drive since 2015 — i was unable to open the project files because my macbook had been stolen. After finally buying a new mac that could run Logic Pro X and realizing I had access to the Logic files and could properly mix the EP, I decided that I would release it and use the show tonight to perform it live, front-to-back. In the process of mixing the tracks down, I really reconnected with this music, which is pretty personal and offers a snapshot of where I was in 2015 — reaching 1 year sober, having parted ways with my old lifestyle and my old music crew, and kind of getting back in touch with myself.

I talk more in depth about the EP in an interview I did on the other day with DJ Klyph on his show Welcome to the Neighborhood. Check out from around the 45 minute mark to about an hour and 15 minutes into the show — Klyph plays a handful of songs coming from both Angel’s Rest and Makeshift Radio, my last release, and the interview is interspersed in the breaks between songs. Klyph is an awesome guy who does so much for Portland’s hip hop scene. He throws a quarterly hip hop showcase called Mic Check, and I’ll be on the one in June. And if you didn’t know, is a community driven radio station that does so much for Portland’s music scene. You can support them by going to the XRAY fundraiser on April 6th that Mic Check is hosting in partnership with A Beat Happening, which is a monthly hip hop producer meetup that’s thriving, and I’ve met a lot of cool people through it.

Anyway, I hope you can come through to the show tonight at No Fun Bar on Hawthorne (next to Devil’s Dill). Opening up are some chill beat sets from Jalowo and Free Tillman. Jalowo had me on his Sunday Chill producer hangout/showcase a while back, so I wanted to get him in the mix. This is my first time playing with Free Tillman and I’m stoked! His album Absolute Zero is dope, and he’ll be on the aforementioned XRAY fundraiser.

Hope to see you at the show! its at 1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214. $5, 21 and up. Music starts at 9pm, I go on around 10:30-11pm.

See you there!

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