neil young

What "into the black" Means to me.

“out of the blue, into the black.”  those words always make me tear up a bit, because that’s exactly how we all come in and go out.  we didn’t ask to be put on this earth, we have no idea how to deal with these challenges.  and you spend your whole life trying to figure it out just enough to be okay, until one day you’re gone and you have no idea if it meant anything at all, or what the next stage is.  and it just repeats over and over and seems to go nowhere, never changing.  each new generation, each empire, each society experiences the same process, the same rites of passage, the same grappling with their existence.  we don’t ponder the meaning of our lives just because we’re trippers or because we have time to sit around and do so, we do it because we’re trying to get away from our pain.  We struggle with things on the inside because it’s in our nature as individuals to cling to things that are impermanent and resist change, even when we want it.  We struggle with things on the outside because it’s in the nature of humans to organize into social stratification and for a few to be elite and greedy and for many to suffer, and for systems to be broken.   But it’s also in our nature to not give up on love and on building something for the future, even when we know we’re surrounded by a system that will always provide ultimate adversity to positive change, even though we’re afraid we’ll never be able to let certain things go.

This tension is what rock and roll is all about.  that may sound contrived, but i really do think it’s those of us who are sensitive and smart enough to see this shit happening, and young and rebellious enough to shout and dance about it, who are the spirit of rock and roll, which is after all just another name for something that’s always been there.