Fight the Power: Re-write your stories

My man Quincy Davis asked a really good question today on his facebook page:

"What's the [romantic] relationship story you've been telling yourself, whether single or already in a relationship? Is it the one you want to be telling?"

He then asked people to share their alternative/new story.

My existing relationship story is this: I'm never going to find the person that's right for me because I'll never put myself in the position to, or because they just aren't out there. Or, I'll never get to really bond with the people I do meet because I'm too caught up between pushing them away and pulling them back.

My new story is this: I'm already beginning to face painful wounds in order to be free from old patterns and make myself available for loving relationships of all stripes, and to love myself to the point I don't need to use other people like drugs.

Furthermore, I just want to say that the stigma around talking about this stuff and the whiny/sensitive-artist archetype are bullshit. This is human stuff that we're conditioned to ignore so motherfuckers can make billions off our attempts to bludgeon our feelings with purchases and lifestyles intended to show ourselves that we're "good enough". You want revolution? Reject the conditioning. Not just the conditioning of capitalism, racism, etc., but the conditioning that tells us to never act like our needs are important, to never act like our pain is legitimate, to never be proud of who we are. The revolution starts in the mind and in the heart. So fight the power, motherfuckers!